How To Unfriend All Facebook Friends In One Click 2019

You have a large number of unknown friends on Facebook and now you want to remove them. If that’s the case with you then we are here with a great method to unfriend all your Facebook friends in a single click. A lot of people have a large number of friends on social media and most of them are unknown. When they feel boring with unknown friends they try to remove all of them but it is very difficult to remove thousands of Fb friends one by one. To overcome this problem, I worked hard and found two methods on How to unfriend all facebook friends at once in a single click. Today I am going to share these methods, so read our article till the end.

A lot of people are searching for the Facebook friends remover tool on google. If you search for the unfriend facebook friends tool then you will find a lot of websites with different methods. But most of the tools are fake and methods have expired. So, people waste a lot of time trying all the methods. If you are fed up of fake websites sharing wrong methods then don’t worry. Today, I will be sharing the latest and easiest method to remove all Facebook friends in a single click. It is a very difficult task to remove a large number of friends at once. So it becomes necessary to use fb friends remover to make the task easier. Now we are going to share the working method to unfriend all friends on FB in one click.

unfriend all facebook friends

Requirements To Remove Facebook Friends In One Click

Before coming to the detailed guide you have to fulfill a few requirements. These are just basic things you can get from anywhere. Still, it is better to have a look at requirements before jumping to steps directly. Below I have mentioned all the requirements to unfriend fb friends at once. Let us check out them one by one.

  • Working internet connection.
  • Google Chrome Browser: chrome browser is necessary for the first method. You can use any other browser in the second method but chrome is recommended.
  • Facebook Social Toolkit Extension: I have shared the download link for chrome extension in the guide.
  • An Android device or laptop: we have shared two methods in our article. The first method requires a laptop or pc, you can use the second method in android.

That’s it. So these are the requirements you need to fulfill to unfriend friends on Facebook at once. After arranging all these things you can follow the steps given below.

Method 1: How To Unfriend All FB Friends At Once [Using PC]

This is the first method we are going to share to remove fb friends quickly. This method is 100% working and used by a lot of people already. In this method, we will use the Facebook Social Toolkit extension to remove all friends. You must have a pc with chrome browser to install the extension. Check out the below guide to learn all the steps.

1. First of all, click the link below to download Facebook Social Toolkit.

FST Extension

2. Click add to chrome button to add FST extension to your browser. Now a small logo of the extension will appear in the top right corner of the screen.

unfriend facebook friends

3. Open and login to your fb account.

4. Now launch the Facebook Social Toolkit extension in your browser. It will open in a new tab.

remove all facebook friends

5. A lot of different tools will appear. Use the search box to find the Unfriend Multiple/ All active Facebook friends tool and hit the Start Tool button.

unfriend all facebook friends at once

6. Now select names of friends whom you want to unfriend. If you want to unfriend all your friends the tap the Select All Friends option.

7. Finally, click the Start Removing Friends option located at the bottom of the page.

Now you have to sit back and watch the tool removing all your FB friends quickly. The extension will automatically unfriend all FB friends at once. Sometimes the tool may take longer to delete all your friends if you have a large number of friends, say 5000. Don’t panic if it takes more time.

Note: Don’t use this method to remove more than 2-3k friends from your friend list at once otherwise your account may get banned.

So this is how you can unfriend all your Facebook friends in a single click. This is the best and easiest method for this purpose. You can also use this method in an Android device using the Yandex browser. However, the process may appear a little bit confusing in mobile. So, I will recommend using the second method on the phone.

Unfriend All Facebook Friends At Once Using Android

If you don’t have a pc then you can’t use the first method. Don’t worry you can use the second method below to unfriend all friends on FB.

1. For this method, you have to open the basic version of FB. So click below link and login to your account.

Facebook Basic

2. Now click Profile button from home page.

unfriend fb friends

3. Go to Activity Log.

4. Now you will see all your activities there. Tap the Filter option.

5. A lot of options will appear. Select the Added Friends option and then select year.

6. A list of all your friends will appear. Click on Unfriend option in front of all your friends whom you want to remove.

That’s it. By following all the steps described above, you can unfriend all Facebook friends in a single click. We have described two methods in today’s article. You can use any of them.

I will recommend you to use the first method as it is easy. In the second method, you have to do all the work manually. While in the former one, the extension will do all the work automatically. However, the chances of your account getting terminated are more in the first method. So, you should remove only 500-1000 persons at a time. By doing this, you can keep your account safe. Rest is up to you. Now it is a simple task for you to unfriend all FB friends.

Wrap Up

So these were the 2 best methods to unfriend all Facebook friends at once. Both the methods are working finely and tested by me. If you have a pc then go for the first method otherwise you can use the second method in android device. I hope now you have learned how to remove Facebook friends in one click. If you still have any query regarding today’s topic, you can comment below. Now you can easily clear your friends’ list if you have a large number of friends. Also, keep visiting to stay updated with the latest method and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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