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How To Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number And Email 2019

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Howdy guys. Today I am back with a new and latest trick which will be very helpful for you. Are you looking for ways to create unlimited FB accounts without mobile number and email? If yes then you will be very happy to know that we have found a working method for this. Whenever we try to create a new  Facebook, it asks for email or mobile number verification. So, we can create only one account with one email. But after using our latest method you will be able to create a Facebook profile without verifying phone number or email. Recently we shared the method to unfriend all Facebook friends at once. It is working for everyone. It is also a very easy task to create Facebook accounts without mobile number.

Day by day Facebook is updating its policies and is raising security to stop remove all fake accounts. Due to this, we have to verify our mobile or email to create an account. But what if we need to create multiple accounts? In such a condition we have to buy a new sim card each time which is a very difficult task. But you don’t have to do all this as I am going to share How to create unlimited Facebook accounts. By this method, you can easily mobile verification on any social media platform and even make fake accounts. Also, you don’t need a rooted device for this, you can use this on any device. You will also learn to manage multiple Facebook accounts easily. So now without waiting much let us move ahead to our main topic.


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Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

In today’s method, we would be using a temporary email to verify our profile. A temporary email works similar to a normal email but you can’t keep it for a lifetime, as the name suggests. But you can use it to verify our account once. After that, you can keep using it without any worries. A lot of websites provide a temporary email id but most of them don’t work. But we will use the best and working provider.

Why Do People Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

There are a lot of different reasons due to which people try to create fake Facebook accounts without email. Some people increase their followers by following themselves from different accounts. While some people use these accounts to share their websites online. Below we have listed some reasons due to which people create multiple profiles.

For referring themselves in a contest.

To avail free trials of apps like Netflix, gaana, etc.

→ For driving traffic to their blog.

→ To increase their followers and likes on profile pictures.

There may be several other reasons but we have listed the most common purposes for creating fake accounts. Now we have talked a lot on How to create a fake Facebook account. So let us check out the detailed on how to make Facebook account without email below.

Steps To Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number/ Bypass Facebook Phone Verification

With this method, you can make unlimited accounts on the same device and manage them. To make the process simple I am sharing full steps you have to follow. Check out the guide given below and make sure you follow all the steps. You won’t face ban issues on using this method.

Step 1. First of all open browser on your device. I will recommend using opera mini for android. You can use any other browser too. Use the below link to download opera mini browser.

Download Opera Mini

Step 2. Now visit the below link to open basic version of Facebook.


Step 3. If you are logged in to your account then first Log Out and then click Create New Account option. This will take you to the login page.

Step 4. Now enter all details asked in the form i.e. name, date of birth, gender and password. You can enter any random details. Don’t fill any email or password.

Step 5. In a new tab open the below-given url. Here you can get unlimited temporary email ids for sending and receiving emails.

Temp Mail

Step 6. Now you will see an email id there. You can either use it or create your own by scrolling below.

Step 7. Enter the username you want and select domain for the email as given in below image. Then click the Save button.

Step 8. Now enter this email while creating the FB account. Then click sign up.

Step 9. Facebook will ask for the verification code. Simply come back to temp mail site, hit refresh and you will see the email. Copy the verification.

Step 10. Finally, enter the code on Facebook and hit the Confirm button.

That’s it. Your new Facebook profile has been created without using a mobile number or email. Similarly, you can sign up on other platforms too using the same process again and again. This is how you can make unlimited FB accounts easily and without any hassle.

Final Words

If you create a lot of Facebook accounts frequently then this method is like heaven for you. Also, we have shared the step by step process with screenshots. Still, if you face any issue while implementing the steps, comment your query in the comment section below.

This was our guide on How to create unlimited Facebook accounts without phone number. You can use multiple FB accounts for a lot of purposes like doing refer, free recharge and other stuff. Don’t forget to share this article with everyone and keep visiting to stay updated with the latest tricks.

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